5 ways to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit

We all tinker now and again with the notion that a genius invention or innovative new business idea is lurking deep in our brain, just waiting to be let loose. But is it really there, or are we simply playing with the dream of becoming the next Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Walt Disney or Steve Jobs.


There’s only one way to find out. Unlock the entrepreneur that lies within, in 5 easy steps.

1. Be wild, live free: See the world from every angle possible. Swim with the dolphins, live rough on the streets, volunteer for a charity, do bar work, get drunk, get high, jump out of a plane. Just not all at once. Strive to experience (almost) everything. There is always something new to be found and you need to give yourself the best chance of finding it.


2. Change the world, not your bank balance: If you want to create the next big thing to become the next big thing then you’re doomed to fail. You’re missing the point. Start by thinking ‘how do I transform the lives of millions people?’ Strike on something that does that and you’ll get all the fame and reward you’d ever dreamed of, but don’t go for the fame and fortune first else you’ll be blind to the most bold ideas.

3. Emigrate: Putting yourself in the right environment, one that engenders creative thinking and champions boundary-pushing will help your mission no end. Some countries are simply better at producing entrepreneurs than others. The developed countries fare best. The US, UK, Canada and Australia fill the top four slots in the Global Entrepreneurship Index. Scandinavian countries figure high up the list too. Only two countries from the Asian world feature in the top 10 – Taiwan and Singapore. Economic growth giants Japan and China are threadbare when it comes to mercurial innovation and entrepreneurial genius.


4. Make monumental mistakes: Think of it as progress. Make bold decisions and try everything – it’ll help you learn a lot quicker, it’ll shape your world-view and it’ll help break down the barriers of bias that are otherwise preventing you from seeing the light.

5. Don’t give up: The adage 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration was never more true than right here right now. Great entrepreneurs get kicked in the teeth time and again but they get up, roll with the punches and keep on fighting no matter what. Rejection is a minor hurdle to them. It will not dilute their determination. It is more likely to give them strength and a greater resolve to push on.

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