My top 10 financial freedom blogs

Over the last few months I’ve been soaking up some amazing blogs, books and websites, from early retirement journeys to self-sufficiency and permaculture to plain and simple wellbeing ideals. Here’s my current top 10 blog sites. No doubt my favourites list will change over time but all these are wonderful sites and each has struck me with its energy, vivaciousness, honesty and candour.

I hope you like them too. Please let me know your favourites – @themoneygiraffe

Brave New Life       

My glorious awakening to the possibilities of early retirement, frugal living and rejecting consumerism was when I stumbled across this amazing blog. BNL writes brilliantly, sustains unbelievable perspective, offers excellent insights and above all keeps a wonderful balance of confidence and humility as he portrays his journey towards, through and beyond financial freedom. Oh, and he just bought a farm. Very cool.

Honey, I Bought a Farm

Early Retirement Extreme         

I love an extremity. And I love the notion of early retirement. Put them together, what have you got? ERE. Run by Jacob. (He’s great.) The site is much more a plethora of functional resource to those eager to find early retirement than a personal recount of a lone experience. If you want to know how far you really can push things, this guy is for you.

Mr Money Moustache

Introducing… The famous MMM. His blogging has struck a chord with many thousands and engendered many a journalistic approach, who find his demeanour, verbiage and bombastic wit entirely charming. I agree with them. He’s an effortless and engaging writer with a single-minded approach to maxing out on life’s true meaning, happiness. All achiebed via the medium of his self-proclaimed ‘badassity’. Get in.

Rob Greenfield

A very new discovery for me is the site. This Wisconsin-born lad is more adventurer-activist than early retiree per se. Rob has gone on an incredible four-year journey wherein he has been a year without showering, travelled America for free and found the secrets to living a footprint-free existence: Reduce – Re-use – Recycle. Dive on in, folks.


1500 Days

Mr 1500 and Mrs 1500 are a fascinating couple. I identify with them hugely because their situation a few years back is so much like mine right now. I’m starting with a reasonable amount tucked away in the financial markets (around 300k including pension) and have an aim of 3-4 years to amount enough to jack in the day job and live primarily off a £600k total equity fund (£200k pension, £200k property, £200k stocks). A great-looking site and expertly well written throughout. Check out their goal progress for some impressively high investment growth.

Get Rich Slowly

Not as colourful and addictive as many of the personal blog in this list, I grant you, but this site is jam-packed with many very well thought out educational articles and an abundance of sound financial thinking. The attitude is spot on – there’s no get rick quick, not without ridiculous risk. Absorb, commit to memory and move on up. Stuff of legends.

The FIREstarter

So popular he now appears ahead of The Prodigy song in Google search results! And, I believe the first of my top 10 to come from my part of the world, the UK. FIREstarter is a lovable, ambitious, smart techie. His site showcases all of those attributes and more, covering a vast range of wild thoughts, insightful topics and tips for owning your financial freedom.

Simple Living in Suffolk

Another from the UK. Whoo-hoo, we’re on a roll now. ‘Breaking free of the rat race and living intentionally’ is such a great tagline for this blog. Ain’t that the truth. SLIS is a wonderful storyteller and thought-leader – and all this from inside the mind of a former engineer! 😉


Canadian Dream: Free at 45       

Blow me down, another engineer. What is going on in that industry? 😉 They’re clearly smart cookies. Primary author Tim Stobbs set out to retire early, at 55. And then pulled it in to 45. And now he’s targeting 40. Great evidence that once you’ve truly ‘awakened’ the possibilities of financial freedom are far greater than you could ever have previously imagined.

Go Currycracker

Right, first of all… what a great name for a blog? That’s what drew me in. What kept me there was Jeremy and Winnie’s incredible, inspiring drive to ‘spend little, save more, travel the world’. And that’s exactly what they do. The colourful ride is broadcast in full techni-colour glory right here.


2 thoughts on “My top 10 financial freedom blogs

  1. Thanks for all the great suggested reads. That’s the fun of this FIRE topic – colorful and interesting people sharing their stories.


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