Who is Money Giraffe?

Thank you for dropping by.

As my virtual self I’m a giraffe, perusing money matters and financial conundrums from an imperious height as I traverse the globe in search of beauty and happiness. Typically anxious, occasionally enlightened.

In the real world, I’m a semi-retired marketing dude, writer and former slave to the London grind. I escaped to west Yorkshire at the start of 2017 aged 44 after becoming obsessed with various (mainly US) blogs on financial independence and saving my ass off for several years to build up a diverse portfolio of sustainable passive investments.

I’m not rich and have never earned mega money. I believe enough to get by is all you need. There are far more important things in life. Like time. And people. And animals. And a sunny glow across lush green countryside on a frosty winter morning.

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